Monday, 11 June 2012

Euro 2012 - Day 5

Well, just arrived in Torun for phase 3 after our various antics in Berlin and Poznan nursing a sense of grievance over some big decisions that didn't go our way but realistic enough to know we were beaten by a better team. Tough enough to deal with quality the like of Modric and co without seeing stonewall pens not given or contentious fouls / offsides not going our way.

We gave goals away at awful times, Given doesn't look fit, I think had he a better spring in his calf he'd have reached the first, to go a goal down so early was a killer, especially after the atmosphere at the start, I've never experienced such raw emotion during Amhran na Bhfiann, rows of fans standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers with our arms round each others shoulders bellowing it out, I saw a number of men with tears in their eyes, it was absolutely electric. Deflated a bit after the goal but gradually lifted if and when Sledge's goal went in it was absolute carnage, lads tumbling down 4 or 5 rows of seats, completely mental!

Thought we got a bit of a foothold for 15 mins then but pressure was building on us again coming up to half time, had we kept it at one all then maybe things could have been different but shipping that at that stage and then again right at the start of 2nd half was an absolute killer. The lads battled gamely but lacked imagination and when Robbie was clearly taken down and the ref didn't give it we knew it wasn't our night. Am sure the ref choked that decision due to us not putting the ball out when their player was pretending to be injured for about the 10th time and was afraid what the Croat reaction would be.

Trip in general been great, suffered badly yesterday after a big Thursday, Friday and Saturday, took it handy so better today, Louise is arriving this evening so manners will be put back on me! The lads I'm travelling with are bang on, first trip for 2 of them, been some laugh! Polish people have been very welcoming, not seen any trouble with Irish fans but there were a few gangs of local hooligans targeting people yesterday although they seemed to be staying clear of people in colours, saw one lad take a kicking before he managed to get away but there's a fair police presence and we won't see any of that in Torun which looks a really nice city on first impression and isn't a host city.

Gdansk on Wednesday before the match on Thursday now, getting worried, praying for a miracle! :)

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